Havoc Industries was established in 1986 and provides specialist products and services to the Explosives, Film and Oil and Gas Industries.

Havoc Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of explosive charge casings and accessories for a range of industrial and military end users. We provide design services for manufacturing cutting and demolition charges to meet Client’s specifications. We have designed a range of underwater cutting charges for use by divers and remote operated vehicles (ROV) in addition to a number of military style charges for use on land.

We understand that most of the applications for cutting and demolition charges are in remote locations with limited access to licensed explosive storage. We have therefore developed a range of charges for use with binary or two part explosive fills. These compounds are not explosive until mixed, simplifying transport and storage requirements. We have developed an innovative sealing and initiation system that allows liquid or water soluble emulsion explosives to be sealed in any orientation and even used underwater.

Our products have been developed after identifying deficiencies with similar products. We aim to provide high quality products that surpass currently available equipment by being easier to use, more reliable or providing greater functionality.