Point Charge Plastic 150



The PC-P 150 is a focused demolition charge that can be supplied in a range of configurations for various applications. The casing is available in 2 (two) sizes; a smaller size for filling with high density cast or malleable explosives and a larger version for filling with lower density binary explosives. The charge is similar to small military style “beehive” demolition charges and is designed for use against rock and concrete.


Boulder busting / rock shattering

The charge can be placed directly against rocks or boulders, providing a magnified destructive effect from the conical focusing void.

Cliff stabilization / large rock removal

The charge can be supplied with a metallic liner and stand-off legs to greatly increase penetration and destructive power. We have developed bi-metallic liners that combine the penetrating power of a dense liner with the low slug forming features of a lightweight liner. The charge is low weight to enable placement on overhanging rocks using ropes access techniques.

Underwater rock breaking or seabed conditioning for anchor embedment.

The charge can be adapted for use underwater, including deep water rock breaking / penetration. The charge can be used without a metallic liner for general trenching or breaking up the seabed. For improved penetration the charge can be supplied with a metallic liner and air void to allow jet formation.

Colours Available

The charge can be supplied in military style olive green or a higher visibility yellow. The charge can be supplied in other colours, depending on the size of the batch required.


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