Test Facilities


To conduct and observe explosive trials, we have constructed an armoured container similar to splinterproof observation posts on military test ranges. Working with VSL’s Ductal® Protection Solutions team, an innovative wall and roof design was developed to provide relatively lightweight ballistic protection. The armoured container is transportable, but currently located at an explosive test range in rural New South Wales. The test range limit is 5 (five) kilogram net explosive quantity (NEQ) detonated in air or 10 (ten) kilogram NEQ for mine blast trials.

The protected working area inside the container is 3.5 metres long, 2.1 metres wide and 2.2 metres high. There are two slit windows for observation rated to withstand 7.62 NATO Ball projectiles. We have incorporated a number of design improvements over conventional military splinterproof observation posts;

Container at the explosive test range
Armoured interior of the container
Camera supports - Manfrotto friction arms
View through windows


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