Point Charge Plastic 100


900 GRAM N.E.Q.

Havoc Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of explosive charge casings for a range of industrial and military end users. The Point Charge – Plastic 100 has been developed for producing penetration results similar to a Rocket Propelled Grenade round. The charge incorporates a conical base to focus the explosive energy for shattering a target, if required.

The penetration of this charge can be improved by fitting a conical metallic liner into the base.

While primarily designed for filling with liquid explosive, the top of the casing can be adapted and a fill such as plastic or cast explosive used instead.


Designation: PC-P 100 (Point Charge – Plastic).
Material: Plastic.
Net Explosive Quantity (N.E.Q.): 900 grams (32ounce) (based on a liquid explosive fill – relative density 1.15).
Method of Initiation: Number 8* Detonator or doubled 10 gram/metre Detonating Cord tail.

The PC-P 100 can be fitted with a metallic liner to improve penetration. Bimetallic liners can also be used – these produce a relatively clean hole by minimizing the slower moving “slug” associated with conical focused charges.

The PC-P 100 has been fitted with a bimetallic liner, stood off from the target and filled with liquid explosive.

When initiated, the charge produced a 10 to 13 mm (3/8 to 1/2 inch) diameter hole approximately 200 mm (8 inches) deep in mild steel bar.


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